Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We will wait!

We will wait...
Levi was just practicing his writing, how appropriate! 

As many of you know, our journey was supposed to start yesterday but because of some complications and a fire in the airport in Chicago our flight was cancelled. 
What a lesson in patience and waiting! 
We had an amazingly good day!
I can't remember the amount of people who said to me "your children are so good!".
And they were! 
The Lord was watching over us!
We had terrific friends helping us!
We had all kinds of activities and snacks with us because of the generosity and graciousness of loved ones. 
We all came home disappointed but ultimately know that yesterday was a good lesson in the question of "why?"
Life gives us lots of why's ...
Why do hard things happen?
Why do people get grumpy when things don't go their way? 
(We saw A LOT of that!)
Why did hundreds of people die in a mine explosion in Turkey yesterday? 
Why do some people go hungry? 
Some die of sickness? 
Why did those poor nigerian girls get kidnapped? 
The good lesson to all of us that maybe we don't need to know the answers to all our questions sometimes we just need to know we are loved, we are not alone and we are blessed! 
Crazy blessed!! 
We can always look for ways to be a blessing to others! 

Take two early Friday morning! We are anxious to reunite with Justin and get to our friends in Sierra Leone!! 
We are thankful! 

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