Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our kids meet Margaret

This is my friend Margaret snuggling my little Jedidiah as he napped. She was overjoyed to see us approach her home and took every opportunity to love on him from the moment we arrived.  I first met Margaret back in 2011 during my first Sierra Leone trip. Many things have changed and The Lord continues to bless as she cares for her wonderful group of orphans. If you are a new reader or do not know about Margaret, here is a link to an older post about her story.
Watching my crew run and play with the children felt like a dream. 

What a joy is was to hear Isabel talk about John holding her hand, knowing that in her short 4 years I have left her 4 times to be here and this time we were able to all love on these children together. 

This is Abubakar, this guy reminds me the most of my Gideon. I adore him! I laughed when I told him to keep Gideon out of trouble when they ran off to play. 

The kids visited, and pumped water from the well. Isabel & I sat in the older girls room as they showed her where the slept and how the 6 of them share it.
I imagine what will remain closest to my heart about their first encounters at Margaret's would be watching two neighbors of Margaret, both widows themselves at the well with Levi & Isabel. The kids had been playing hard and were sweaty & dirty. These two women took my children to the well and washed their hands and feet. On the way home Isabel said to me "Mommy, the lady washed my feet! She was nice." So, not wanting them to miss this teaching moment- this teary eyed mom started to say... "Yes! I saw, just like..." And Levi interrupted me with one sweet quiet word. "Jesus," 
(He hadn't missed a thing.)
Praying we all seek more and more to be like Jesus.

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  1. Oh Chris! I am crying while reading this story. So sweet and beautifully communicated.