Monday, May 19, 2014

A note from Levi

A note from Levi: 
My favorite parts of traveling to Africa were--
Eating a donut in Paris! 
Flying through the clouds. 
The kids meals on the plane, they gave me a special kid pack with toys and finger puppets! 
Ms. Kari made me a journey to write in!
I love it! 
I drew pictures of what I packed for my trip, my monkey and froggy and my Brianna pillow & blanket. 
This is the Airplane we flew through the clouds on.  
I like my house here in Africa, we have a tv and mom brought all our favorite movies. I share a room with Zeke. It rained hard today! I like it, it sounds like a waterfall. 
Levi (5 yrs old)

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  1. Levi, what a detailed blog. I'm glad you are enjoying Africa, but I really want to hear more about that donut in Paris.
    Mr. B.