Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gideon's first day!

The last thing I remember was I fell asleep on the airplane, then I woke up this morning in my new bed. I must have sleep walked though the airport!! Today mommy unpacked all our bags and got the house ready. 
I rode my first motorcycle today! They call it an okata- it is kind of like a taxi. Dad and I got on one today! We went to Mr. Tom's house and saw our friend Bo! We also went to Auntie Margaret house and met her kids. I was a little nervous but they were super friendly and smiley. On our ride back I saw lots of chickens and dogs. Tonight I prayed and thanked God for getting us here to Africa safely. And mom made spaghetti for dinner and it was delicious!!!   
7 years

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  1. I enjoyed reading Gideon's blog. Ask him if he is going to do any magic tricks for his new African friends.