Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Children!

It's always such an emotional thing for me to communicate with Justin when we are continents apart. But when he sent me this picture yesterday morning I couldn't hold back the tears! 

Margaret's kids say "Thank you, Memorial!" 
They are so thankful for the hard work & funds Memorial has put into this latrine. Our third latrine construction team will be sweating drops of love this week. Have you ever seen children this happy about a toilet? This bathroom building will also have wash stations so they can clean themselves in private. 
Picture for a moment taking your shower from a bucket in front of your house has all your neighbors walk by or not having a place to "go" do your business.
Praying this toilet can help to keep the orphans & the community's well water safe in a place where sanitation and clean water are luxuries. Please remember our team and Margaret's Orphans in your prayers this week! 
What an amazing thing it is that God has allowed us to be apart of this! 
Thank you Memorial for loving these children!
The Lord is so Good!

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