Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My love will never disappear.

Passing on a word for you today from my 8 year old. He blessed my heart the other day with this Truth. He brought me a little book of scriptures for children that he likes to read and said "this one is my favorite":

Under the heading 
"God's Promises -When You Feel Lonely" 
This scripture was written...
"The mountains may disappear,
and the hills may come to an end.
But my love will never disappear.
My promise of peace will not come to an end,"
says The Lord who shows mercy to you. 
Isaiah 54:10

I said why is this one your favorite? 
Zeke said "it says God's love won't disappear or run out." And smiled at me. 

You are loved. 
Praying you can know that today! 


Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Still & Know

We made this wooden sign for a friend this week. How timely and perfect these words of truth speak to us.

He is the "I AM" 
our Father, our Provider, our Savior, our God. 
He knows all, He holds the universe in His Mighty grasp and He loves extravagantly.

We gathered with friends and family last weekend to celebrate Jedidiah's first birthday. We enjoyed a very fun Star Wars party for our little Jedi. We were overwhelmed with love and support as our friends blessed Jedi with donations for His first trip to Africa. Blessed so much so that the amount given at his party covered exactly the amount we needed this week to apply for passports for ALL FIVE of our children!! Exactly! We are speechless! And so thankful. Oh, how He loves us!

Passports have been applied for!!! Praising The Lord! 
Let me just say getting passport pictures & applications completed for all five of our little crew was quite a little adventure, good preparation for what lies ahead! 
Sometimes it is easy to trust and 'be still' when all seems well. Then there are those days when storms try to blow in to disturpt your peace, but when He is your peace it cannot be rocked -He is unshakeable. We received word this week that after almost 14 years of working for his employer, Justin's initial request for additional leave for our trip has been denied. We had hoped he would be able to take a couple extra weeks of unpaid leave for this summer, and will submit a reconsideration request. Whether he is able to return to his current job when we get home or not, we venture ahead knowing The Lord of all Creation has a plan far better than one we could conceive on our own. Isn't He Good!!! Oh, how He loves us! Please continue to pray with us as we ask for His will to be done in our lives.
Happy Valentines Day!