Thursday, January 30, 2014

Go! Here, There, Everywhere!

We are delighted to introduce our t-shirt! 
Currently taking orders!
Donations for this shirt help fund our family's upcoming mission trip to Sierra Leone. 

Go! Here, There, Everywhere!
The shirt features "Go" in many languages.
Adult sizes $20, Child $15
To order yours contact us at

Why "Go"?
As followers of Jesus we are invited to go. We believe the way of Life that Jesus came to offer is the best way. He taught by example, and His life was characterized by going. Going to the outcast and forgotten, the ones deemed unworthy by others. The very act of Him coming to earth was Him leaving (going from) His home, His throne, His Father, to connect with us, where we are. Why go you may ask, because we choose the way of Jesus, reaching out to people right where they are, in the exact state that they find themselves in, proclaiming "i will dwell with you.", "you are not forgotten.", "there is hope!"  Jesus didn't focus on religious rules- He helped people, He spent time with people, He loved those who most of us try to avoid. It didn't seem to matter who the people were, (neighbors or foreigners, rich or poor, sick or healthy, free or slave, man or woman) He engaged them and you can't engage people without going. This is why we 'go': because, as followers of Christ, there is a life inside us that must be shared, and in sharing it with others we serve Jesus himself. He said when you feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, visit the sick and captive, hold an orphan, hug a mourning widow, whatever you have done for the least you have done it for Him. So we go; next door, across the street, around the city, across a nation, and around the world, and it is our joy!

amazed by grace,

If you are just hearing about our plans to take our family to Africa this summer, you can catch up here:

a great big thank you to Holly Hyde at Posy Creative for our incredible t-shirt design!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

How Great is our God

My Kindergartner came home from school yesterday so excited about the certificate he earned in music class! 

I had no idea that on his own he had picked "How Great is our God" to sing all by himself in front of his class. 

In today's age where some children are not allowed to speak about God in their schools, I am so thankful that his teacher supported his choice! And for my little 5 year old missionary, this tear filled mommy is honored to call him son. 

He thinks the 'big deal' was that he sang all by himself, not his song choice. "It's just what it like to sing!" he said. 

Truly, How Great is our God! 

My beauty Isabel

I took my soon to be 4 year old daughter into the beauty salon yesterday to get her first hair cut. It blessed my heart to hear her tell 'Ms. Taylor' who was cutting her hair that she was going to Africa this summer. 
God teaches us so much through children! Praying for "a child like" excitement and awe stay in my heart as I walk my adult life! 

Hello 2014!

It's a New Year! New adventures await us!
I have so many things to share with you! What a year 2013 was for our family!
I apologize, haven't been faithful to blogging this year, but it has been a wonderful one! 

Here is a ultra fast 2013 catch up!
In February we were blessed with the birth of our 5th child,  Jedidiah John. He is such a gift!
Both my husband & I we able to travel to Sierra Leone last year! His trip was in June and I was able to go in November. 

My heart is full of stories and honestly don't know how to begin. So, we will start with what is happening with us now & I will slowly try to catch you up on stories from last year. 

We have some exciting, very exciting news!! 
Our big 'little' family is looking forward to 2014 and what The Lord has planned for us! 
Our family (all 7 of us!) will be spending most of May & June in Sierra Leone.
We will be partnering with missionary friends who live there, focusing on our Church's partnership goals, working with orphans, widows & street children. Justin will be doing construction work at the school for special needs children & Margaret's Orphan home, where we have spent most of our time serving during past trips. 
We don't know what the future holds but we are trusting The Lord and moving forward on this journey one step at a time. Whatever The Lord has for us, we are saying Yes!!!  Our family is taking this leap of faith into the arms of our Mighty God, following in obedience believing this is the next step for us in missions.

We want to thank all of you for the amazing amount of support you have already given us and ask that you please continue to pray with and for us! Sierra Leone is not going to be an easy place to get to or live with our unique family age and dynamic; and it is going to take a great big pile of miracles to make this happen but we are praying & trusting! We are so excited for this adventure and all of it's unknowns that can only be accomplished by our Mighty Creator and very thankful to be a part of it. 

We will be transitioning this blog into 'our family' blog, where you will be able to read thoughts and happenings from all of us. Hopefully I will have those updates done soon! 

Our family on mission, what an amazing adventure! Both Justin & I and the children are very excited about this opportunity and the kids will have things to share as well!

Here we go!!!!!!
Chris, along with Justin
Zeke, Gideon, Levi, Isabel & Jedi