Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Journey Begins

Today started with 
"Morning Daddy! Have fun going to Africa!"
It was a great morning preparing to leave the house.  Our kids were so excited! 
Saying goodbye with smiles and 
"we'll meet you in Africa!"
That really made my day!

Today our journey begins! 

I'm flying to Sierra Leone with my friend Catherine, again! 
My beautiful wife Chris and our children will join me in 13 days! Our family will be in Sierra Leone for almost two months! 
Blessings overflow!

Also thankful this morning with news regarding my job! 
God came to the rescue again with a last-minute reconsideration and approval for my request for leave without pay!!
So after being out of the country for the next two months I will be able to return work immediately! All glory to Mighty God! 
Please continue to remember us in prayers. Our journey starts today as a group of strangers come together to form a team of 6 to serve one purpose- to love God by loving the least of these. 
Please remember my wife and children in your prayers as they continue to prepare, gather supplies and travel across the world to join me! There is much yet to do.
We will keep you updated the best we can about our Journey and what our awesome God is doing!
Thank you to all those who continue to support us with love, prayers and donations! We are blessed.

See you in July!

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