Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Today we visited the drop-in center for the Waterloo street boys. What a mighty work God has done in such a short amount of time! When I first visited Waterloo and learned that hundreds of boys were literally sleeping on the street, and in market stalls, I couldn't believe it was true- my heart broke. 

Since then, our friend, Charles has continued to visit the boys, gaining their trust and friendship. We asked him how we could help? We started a feeding program- so, once a week the boys could meet with Charles and get a plate of rice. He continued to build relationships. Now with the help of the 25project- there are 33 boys who are sponsored! They have been placed in homes and are attending school!!! WOW! God is so good!! There is also a "drop-in center" where they can meet safely and talk with Charles and his helpers. A church heard about this amazing project and doubled our rice funds- so these boys are now gathering twice a week to eat a meal. Amazing! 
Here is a picture of our Isabel with Ibrahim & Phillip- former street boys now doing a great job in school! 

There are boys waiting for sponsors!! Hoping to get to attend school next fall!!! For what we would consider a small amount of money a month, you can change a life in a big way!!! You can find a link to the 25project here on our blog! 

We thank The Lord for Charles!! 
Hope filled!!!-

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