Monday, June 23, 2014

A party for Margaret's Oldest Boys.

During our time here we have been spending special time with Margaret's orphans in small groups. 

The older boys have been patiently waiting for their turn! Saturday night we had them over for fun & games. These teenagers are fun and so easy to love! We had a special dinner for them- Gideon called it a feast and they did too. We were able to bless them with fried chicken & chips (fries). 

It probably doesn't sound fancy to our US friends who pick up drive thru all the time. But it was more extravagent than anything they have had all year. They we CRAZY excited and thankful- left full and happy! Isabel made them Jello and was smiling big as she passed it out for dessert. A first for them! So fun. They, of course watched a little superheroes with the boys, also another treat. They enjoyed themselves! 
Before they left they gathered around our family and prayed for us. Amazing young men! 
We are blessed to know them!

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