Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Meeting Mohamed & Shaku

This weekend we traveled to Bo to visit Mohamed, a boy our family has sponsored for the past several years, and his brother Shaku. Our children have referred to him as their "brother in Africa" and have been praying for him for a long time. Chris and I were very excited for our kids to finally meet him. I got to watch as my kids met and accept him as a brother. I was filled with joy as they walked, played, talked, and ate together. By the end of the day Saturday they were close enough to even get in trouble together. Sunday we met with them again at the church gathering where we worshiped and learned together. We are so glad that as a family we have taken the opportunity to sponsor Mohamed who, as a result, he gets to go to school and have access medical care, food and spiritual enrichment. 
It's hard to imagine the immensity of life change that a sponsored child receives. It can be life defining for a child that may have no other opportunity for education. If your family hasn't considered orphan sponsorship I can tell you it's an investment with great reward. 

This weekend we met Mohamed and his little brother Shaku. Shaku is 7 like me! Mohamed is 10 years old. Their parents died a long time ago. It  made me happy to be with them!! 
- Gideon

Mohamed was sad and cried because we were leaving. He didn't want us to leave him. 
- Isabel 

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