Saturday, June 7, 2014

One Life Camp

We were crazy blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of Youth Leadership Camp this week. Twenty- seven youth from all around Sierra Leone were chosen by their pastors to attend this camp which just happens to have been at the same place we are living. The camp theme for this week was One Life- emphasizing on team leadership, purity, integrity, and leading through service. It has been several years since we have been involved with a camp like this or even with youth in general. Well, let me tell you, we have been refreshed and encouraged!!! The kids, if you can call them that, were excited to be here and ready to learn and receive the teachings of scriptural leadership. It was such a joy to watch as they lead each other in worship through song and prayer. This year each family group also had Sierra Leonian leaders, many of whom have come to the camp in past years! It is such an energizing and motivating experience to be a part of something when the fruit of that very thing is right in front of you! These kids are the future and current leaders of their churches, communities, and country, and it has been an honor to work with and get to know them this week. 

Chris & I lead recreation this week. These kids are fierce competitors! Like if you think of the most aggressive competitor you know, now imagine 27 of that person split into four teams playing games against each other, that was rec time. So much FUN!! We had scripture that went with the games for meditation and conversation. This group is so passionate in all they do whether it is play or pray or talk or live or learn or share or love.   The camp was so well organized that honestly Chris & I just showed up and played with the kids. Thanks to Gabe & Sada for their love for The Lord & these youth. 

It was a joy to watch our children grow to love some of these youth and our co-leaders but Jedi became especially fond of our friends Chuck & Chase- even immediately jumping out of our arms to be held by either of them (I'm rather fond of them myself but I'm certain Chuck wouldn't want to carry me around).

We finished our week with a service project Friday. The teams each went to a  near by schools to speak & share. They also cleaned up the grounds around the school. 
These kids decided to help Gid pick up trash. 

Being a part of this camp has shown us yet another way God is working and moving in the lives of the people around us.
Refreshed & Exhausted, (not as young as I once was)

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