Monday, June 9, 2014

Hosetta. Part one!

Today we went to Hosetta, the school for special needs children we have worked with every year since we started missions work here in Sierra Leone. These children, teachers & caretakers are hold special places in our hearts. Our kids played with the students during their rec & recess time. Justin is working there today with Tom & his crew.

This is sweet Enda with my babies! Enda lives in the back of this school and loves & takes care of these wonderful children.
A few of the children who live too far to travel daily for school stay with Enda. She is beautiful inside & out and Oh! how I love her. 

 This is Bel & Gid playing in front of her home- she was crazy excited to show me that our friend Tom just had tarps placed over her roof. Dancing would be more of an actuate description :)
Rain was pouring in on them and rainy season is almost here. It's hard to explain the rains here but (constant waterfalls!!) 
I am so thankful her roof is now fixed!!! 
She tried over & over to get Jedi to let her hold him- she just kept smiling & laughing saying "JJ, why you don't love me?" 
Ha!!! Oh he will one day :) but not today! Ha ha!! 

With a heart full of smiles :)
...Look for part two from the kids! 

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