Friday, November 18, 2011

Our crazy journey continues...

My husband and I just returned from an amazing trip to the Continent of Africa! We have some incredible stories to share with you! Hopefully, over the next weeks we will be able to get most of these stories into words on my blog! So, hold on tight for a glimpse into what we experienced God doing in and around the people of Africa and how that has changed us.  Justin will be joining me on my blog for a while to help share our stories.

We set out for our adventure Nov. 1st, with this picture of our four kids fresh in our minds from the night before. 

(Our kids with Chris's mom, trick-or-treating)
We have some awesome children! (but, we're a little partial)
We sent 2 hesitant boys on their way to school and a wonderful friend came to pick up our 3 year old son Levi for the day.  Then off we went (we thought) as quick as we could to Jeremy & Erin’s house close to the St. Louis airport. Our brother and sister-in-law were willing to not only take us to the airport but also adopt our precious Baby Bel for the next few weeks.

A slowing lesson for Chris:
“Off we went” didn’t quite happen quickly… all morning the Lord was reminding me that my timeline plans and His timeline plans sometimes are not the same.  We left the house about 3 times, each time forgetting to leave or take something. My "quick" run into walmart was thwarted by a number of incidents including, a older gentleman playing for his newspaper and donut in nickles.  I stood behind him outwardly looking pleasant and quiet but on the inside I was screaming "Ahhh! Really?"  I felt a quiet ah... come over me as the Lord whispered "Calm down, Chris, no hurry."  and I actually laughed at my self realization that I'm on a mission to love where ever I am at, even the walmart checkout line and this sweet man, was a blessing. I smiled at the gentlemen as he turned and gave me a funny look after he heard me giggle. We got on the road with Ms. Bel headed to StL and Justin laughed out loud, loudly! at my walmart story.
Erin and her girls greeted us at the curb and rushed us off to the Airport. With hugs and kisses from my baby (& a 'Be Love' from Erin) we were off. Peace is such a wonderful gift! The Lord granted His gift of peace in my heart and our first flight seemed quick and quiet. I am so grateful for the friends and family that the Lord provided to care for our children while we were going to be gone. I spent the first flight reflecting on and reading my journal from my May Trip to Sierra Leone. The page where I wrote this scripture speaks straight to my heart again and again.
Luke 10:42 Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken from her.

We flew from London to Sierra Leone. We landed in Sierra Leone about 8pm.  After we got our bags we headed out the door to the water taxi unfortunately things took a strange turn. I walked up to the counter and a man stopped me at the curb, kind of swindled us on to the wrong water taxi.  What an ordeal.  Long story short after things got worked out we ended up missing our water taxi and had to charter a boat to come pick us up. 
So...paid the extra $$$, hopped in a 'tiny' boat across the bay in the dark!
(Did I tell you it was raining?) phew... finally got picked up by our wonderful missionary friends and tucked into bed! Thank you Lord!
Breathe... He has a plan, and we are along for a delightful crazy ride…


  1. Yeah! My friend and fav blog is back! THANKS SOOOO MUCH for sharing. I love you. Pam :)

  2. So excited to read your blog over the next few years God is up to something big in that beautiful Duren family.