Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Margaret's Kids

Chris had a list of people she had met and grown to love on her trip in May and through her I had grown anxious to meet all of them. Some of these people were Margret and her kids. The first time we went to the small house that they all call home Margret wasn’t there but most of the kids were. They were so excited to see that Chris had come back, and that I wanted to come and meet them.  Okay, these kids have got to be the best group around. The way they, work together, live together, take care of one another is beyond any group of siblings I have ever encountered.  When we arrived several kids were on the porch of the little house and upon hearing the commotion more appeared.  I was quickly embraced as an old friend and ushered into the home for a tour.  People so proud of the little they have and excited to invite me to see and experience it with them. Shortly after introductions and the tour of the area I was whisked away by some of the boys beckoning me to play football with them.  It sure didn’t take long for them to latch onto me like we had met many times before.  So there I am, first day in Africa, playing football (soccer) with a group of half barefoot boys on a rocky patch of ground.  Boys filled with so much joy as they play together one would never guess or imagine what they have been through and what their eyes have seen.  These kids live with greater hope and joy than most of the people I will ever meet.  We sometimes hesitate to share their hard stories, please don't focus on where they came from, but the Hope of Jesus that lives in their hearts and smiles.

Peter was also with the kids
found in 2004 first taken in
by Margaret.
His favorite football team is

Hawa was small when rebels invaded
and killed her mother, In 2004 she
was among the 15 children found in
an old building that Margaret took in.

Martin was found in a trash heap.
He has multiple disabilities and cannot speak.
He unfortunately has been in alot of pain
and suffering lately, but this letter
from a little girl named Abigail,
It made him so happy! He was smiling!

Issac's parents were killed in the war
He was abandoned by an aunt
at a junction in the road.
He loves math & soccer!

Chris and I had brought letters for these orphans from the Children’s ministry at Memorial.  We were also able to give some clothes and shoes that were sent with us. The next day we returned and delivered these simple letters and gifts, they brought so much joy and appreciation to these kids who were excited to hear that someone on the other side of the world was thinking about and praying for them. The truth is these children are the ones who can share with all of us lessons of God’s love, goodness, peace and faithfulness. Chris and I have resolved to get to know these kids, their faces and names. So that next time we see them, when Peter or Joseph run up to me with a ball asking to play, I will be able to call them by name.   

Mariama was so proud of
these new cute shoes!

All these boys are wonderful. Omaru in the middle
is amazing,  it is his main responsibility
to care for Martin!

To be known and loved! Yeama

Picking teams for football,
I'm Justin, the one with the nice shoes.


  1. I'm sure you didn't mean for it to, but that last sentence made me tear up.

  2. I love Mariama and her pink shoes!