Sunday, May 22, 2011

Roman & 'Lil Mama!!

Roman & Team member Emily :)

The our next day there in Sierra Leone was sent at Hosetta School for Children with Mental Challenges. This is Abdul Roman, you can call him Roman! His shirt in this picture says sweet sugar, funny... you can't get much sweeter than this precious little boy! The first day I met him, I kissed him on top of his head. After that, every warm smiley greeting I got from him was accompanied with a head tilt and finger tap right were he wanted me to kiss him. I joyfully kissed that sweet noggin every chance I got. This little baby glows when you smile and talk to him. He lives to far away to travel to/from the school everyday, so he stays there overnight, with the property care-takers. (which is sweet Auntie Edna and her family, in a small shack). The construction project going on at the school right now is a dorm so that kids like Roman can have a safe place to sleep. (I spent most of my day singing songs & doing sign language with the kids... to be cont. on my next post)

(lil mamma with me and Becky! I couldn't capture it in a photo, but she has one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen)

When we got back to the house we decided to visit the neighbors, with arms full of goodies for the children. Dresses, shoes, shorts, Frisbees, hair bows & lots of warm smiles! The youngest of the neighbors children is Maryama, you can hear them call for her all the time "Mama". She had some sweet hair weave the first couple days we were there. She always has the biggest smile and wave for you when you come in or out of Becky's gate. What a blessing to see that little face everyday!! By the end of my time in Africa, when she would see me walking back to the house, from being out visiting, she would come running with her arms outstretched wanting me to hold her. At home I had made a few special dolls to take and give away. Each of these dolls were named after a special little girl. I gave Aspen to 'lil Mama and Maryemma to her sister Adamsi. Sweet little girls who now get to hug on a doll named after people in Missouri who will pray for them!

The girls playing with their dolls :)

in the days following we noticed they were still wearing their treasured new clothes :)

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