Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Baptized! Zeke & Gideon!

Amazing times in the life of our family! This weekend we celebrated with Zeke & Gideon as they were Baptized. How incredible it is to see your children come to know The Lord, and choose to follow and serve Him!
Zeke and Gideon's personalities couldn't be more different. 
Zeke is quiet - Gideon is loud!
Zeke is private -Gideon is bold!
Zeke is thoughtful -
Gideon jumps in with both feet! 
They are both hard working, kind and compassionate. 
God has a mighty plan for them!
We are so thankful The Lord blessed us with these two awesome boys!
Praying for our sons as The Lord continues to develop and grow them into men after His own heart. We are overwhelmed with gratitude. God is so good!

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