Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ibrahim the Carver

It was a joy to meet Ibrahim. He is an amazing carver and has used his gifts to pay for his education. Ibrahim is an electrical engineer. He also is giving back to the community and invests in Sierra Leone's future by passing his knowledge on as he teaches others his expertise at the Hope Centre. He is such a joy filled, wonderful man! What a world changer he is! I gladly purchased each of my children an animal carving. After meeting him and learning his story it was wonderful to get the chance to buy his work & help support him. My children love animals, specially the animals of Africa. How great it was to bring them home a little "treat" from my time there.

This is a picture of me & Ibrahim at the Hosetta School, (and Fatmata -LOVE that child!) he & his students were doing the electrical work there during my trip.

Today my family leaves for vacation, a little "treat" for all of us. We are going to Cornerstone Christian Music Festival. My husband & I have been attending for many years. Cornerstone and some of the people we have met there have been very influential in the opening of our eyes to the great diversity of the Kingdom of our God. What an eye opening tool it has been for us to the world outside Jefferson City, MO. At Cornerstone we have worshiped with thousands of people from many nations, from urban sub-cultures to people from all over the world. From rock, rap, goth, punk, screaming craziness to... middle eastern & African music to ...poetry, guitars & hand drums and what my mom would call "hippies". Actually, it is where my husband Justin learned how to play the djembe. Cornerstone is also where we adopted one of our sponsored children: our Compassion child, Andrew - he lives in Uganda. When the Compassion representatives spoke at main stage and volunteers were passing out envelopes with children to sponsor, at age three Zeke kept raising is hand, against my best efforts to hold it down. I finally thought "Mom! what are you doing?" and let him raise his hand. Zeke has such soft heart and even at his early age I believe he is very sensitive to the spirit. The child we were handed turn out to be Zeke's same age & we have been SO blessed to be apart of his life! When my boys pray at night they include their brother Andrew (from Uganda they say). You can read more about Compassion International here:
We are so excited to have a week away camping with our awesome kids and the great people that will gather there.

I am sad that this weekend I will miss the homecoming of my friends who are in Sierra Leone right now on mission. God's mission to LOVE those people! I can't wait to hear their stories of God's Greatness & Glory!! and watch and the infectious love for this people group flow out of them to the people around them, the hundreds of people in each of their own circles who will hear about God love & mercy through their stories and I'm praying eye opening miracles to happen in the hearts of us all! See you next week!

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